Transformational Wisdom for Modern Times

"Education is that which remains after

one has forgotten everything one has learned in school."
- Albert Einstein
Origin Story

Future Elders

FutureElders was born to guide elders-in-training. To help us remember. Remember who we truly are. Remember where we really come from. Remember how to live in right-relationship with the Earth. Remember how to create in a beautiful, purposeful and authentic way. Remember that to become a super-human we just need to become super, human again.

Modern technology has disconnected us from the wisdom of our ancestors and our true connection to the Earth under the guise of connectivity. There are tens of thousands of years of wisdom that lie dormant in our DNA, waiting to be activated. Are you ready to start the journey of being an ancestor worth descending from?

How we serve


We offer online (re)programs, guided by global elders for people ready to step into truly healing the future by revolutionizing their worldview and psyche back into harmony. We are here to remember our way forward. This is not trending social media knowledge. This is deep wisdom of thousands of years of cultural traditions and experiential sciences merged with a modern context to guide you into becoming the walking prayer for the world and for future generations.

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Jan 5, 2023




6 hours/week



our family of Guides

Who we are

Rakan James
the founder of FutureElders, Ra integrates transformational ancestral wisdom with modern times. Having traveled around the world for 12 consecutive years straight to over fifty countries on five continents, he focuses on applying cross-cultural, intersectional approaches to revitalizing people and organizations globally through restoring right-relationship, regeneration and purpose.
Rashani Réa
A social activist and prolific artist since childhood, Rashani Réa continues to be a resilient voice in the emerging inter-spiritual movement. Her non-sectarian offerings are rooted in nature, social justice, self-inquiry, the Deep Feminine, Wu-wei, nondual and ancient perennial wisdom traditions, the Living Dharma, Buddhist and Process oriented psychology, and several contemporary psycho-spiritual teachings. Rashani has been facilitating retreats and offering councils, kirtans and participatory concerts throughout the world for the past 30+ years and offers 2 and 4-week individual & group retreats at Kipukamaluhia Sanctuary—her home—in Hawai`i.
Sri. Vijay Gopala
the founder of Yoga Gita in Mysuru, India, ViGo has been studying and practicing yoga from a very young age. The subject has been passed down to him through generations in his lineage. He holds two Master’s degrees, one in Yoga and one in philosophy, respectively. He also holds a graduate degree in science. With a focus on classical text and the Patanjali Yoga Sutras, he contemporizes the ancient yogic teachings to be understood from the scientific angle of today’s society.
Rudy Xochipilli Nahuimitl
a wisdom-keeper of the Coahuiltecan Mexica, Rudy has been traveling around the world for over 35 years spreading awareness of traditional Mexica (Aztec) reality of non-linear time, 1320 calendars, cosmovision, relationship with the Earth and stars, as well as sharing other powerful medicines to assist in decolonizing the western mind and resetting foundations for the Eagle-Condor prophecy to unfold.
Marisa Franco
an intuitive chef with who has been cooking since she was 4 years old, Marisa combines inspiration, skillfulness and reconnection with the land into her recipes for life. She listens deeply to the body and is able to reflect back the language of which it speaks.
Wahinkpe Topa

Ph.D., Ed.D.
born in Missouri in 1946, Four Arrows is Irish, Tsalagi and a made relative of the Oglala Lakota Medicine Horse Tiospaye. Before his current position as professor at Fielding Graduate University, he served as Director of Education at Oglala Lakota College on the Pine Ridge Reservation where he fulfilled his Sun Dance Vows. He has authored twenty acclaimed books and numerous invited chapters and articles. He was first alternate for the U.S. Equestrian Endurance team for the 1996 Olympics (using a mustang that he captured and trained), and is a world champion “old time piano player.”

Walter Quincain
A native from San Marcos la Laguna in Lake Atitlan, Walter is currently a Cacao ceremonialist, daykeeper, Mayan spiritual guide from the Kaqchikel Nation, graduated as a Pedagogue and Psychologist, Member of the Ancestral Wisdom Foundation, United Nations of the Spirit, Guardian of Mother Earth who has participated in different workshops related to neuroscience and related processes.
James McCrae
an award-winning strategist and author at the intersection of creativity and mindfulness, James works with people and organizations around the world to unlock creative potential and turn imagination into results. His methods includes memes, poetry and writing.
Paul Simard

a father of three beautiful girls, a speaker and writer, a death doula (Hiraeth), and a trained mental wellness guide (Sacred Sons). He focuses on small-group facilitation, primarily with men and couples, as well as small-to-medium sized organizations.

He is also the founder of huMENity, a peer-driven support community that encourages men (huMENity) to connect more deeply with their emotional and physical selves, as well as a facilitator and men’s coach. His work focuses on men of all ages, in small group work as well as one-on-one coaching. 

Julí Ní Mhaoileóin

known as the Dingle Druid, she is what some may call a ‘hedge witch’. She uses the gifts of Nature in ceremony, ritual and creation to help guide us, heal us and soothe us. 

As a Ceremonialist, Julí works with Nature and the elements to combine the ancient lore of plants with the healing, power and wisdom of the Druids, resulting in heartfelt ceremonies and deeper connection with ourselves and the world around us.

She dedicates herself and her work to help people connect with Nature, with the magic of the plant world, and through it forge deeper connections in their lives, with their inner selves and with others. 

Power is not brute force and money;

Power is in your spirit. Power is in your soul. It is what your ancestors, your old people gave you. Power is in the earth; it is in your relationship to the earth."
- Winona LaDuke
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How you know

This course is right for you if:

You are yearning for true wisdom from wise elders who can guide you
You are in the process of awakening and want to move deeper.
You are curious about different cultural worldviews and wisdom
You are seeking an authentic community of beautiful people
If any of these are you, you’re in the right place! This course is emergent for people anywhere on their path of awakening looking to go much deeper into their reconnection with themselves and with life.
What you inherit

By the end of 8-weeks, you will hold ...

A completely transformed and revolutionized worldview informed by global wisdom traditions and integrative embodied knowledge.
A renewed personal vitality, living relationship and authentic purpose that will carry throughout the remainder of your life.
A strong community of family who care about living a life informed by service, right-relationship and responsible reciprocity.
Course Structure

The (Re)program

Purpose & Wisdom in Transition Times

with Paul Simard

Decolonizing "Your" Mind

with Xochipilli Nahuimitl

The Pathless Path of Grief

with Rashani Réa

Learning from Natural Systems

with Julí Ní Mhaoileóin

Restoring the Kinship Worldview

with Wahinkpe Topa

Food as Self Reconnection

with Marisa Franco

Living Beyond Polarity with Yoga

with Sri. Vijay Gopala

Seeding Systems of Inter-being

with Rakan James

Enrollment starts September 15th
Simple and flexible pricing


The Full (Re)Program

$ 2121 one-time
  • 8-weeks of modules with in-depth written content, integrative resources, journal and experiential prompts
  • Two calls per week with our guides and the community to dive deep into the material
  • 60 minute 1:1 call with Ra
  • Continued access to our Mighty Networks community and course material

The Full (Re)Program

4x weekly installments
$ 575 4x weekly installments
  • 8-weeks of modules with in-depth written content, integrative resources, journal and experiential prompts
  • Two calls per week with our guides and the community to dive deep into the material
  • 60 minute 1:1 call with Ra
  • Continued access to our Mighty Networks community and course material

3-Day Intensive

$ 197 one-time
  • 3 days of guided immersion with some of our guides
  • Information and access to specific (re)educational material
  • 10% discount on our full-length course
  • Tailored resources for your journey


When you click on the button Enroll Now for the Full Course, you will be redirected to our online application form where you’ll be asked to fill in your application and book a 15-minute slot to talk to Ra on his Calendly. When you click Enroll Now for the 3-Day Immersion, you will be led to an invoicing screen on Wave Financial.

For the full-length course application: this step is important as we intentionally developed the application to ensure we bring in people who are a great match for this course and can add value to this burgeoning community of beautiful change-makers.

The most important aspect of taking this course is to enter it with an open mind, or in Buddhism they say, ‘a beginner’s mind’. This means to be in a state of learning. Many of these elders are sharing very potent wisdom, from thousands of years of cultural understanding  and it is important to be willing to listen and allow emotions and thoughts to come up. 

Yes, we have designed the course so that is compatible with working full-time.

Also, rest reassured that all sessions will be recorded so that you can access them whenever you want and go through these at your own pace. They will be uploaded on Vimeo with password secured access.

You will interact with other participants in multiple ways.

This will happen on our Zoom calls, inside our community in Mighty Networks and journal prompts where your writing will be read by others to develop your voice and strength in being seen. 

If you can’t join this cohort, we have other dates lined up, no worries! We will launch a new course every two months.

To get updates on when the next cohort will be, fill out the Enroll now application and write which dates would be best for you.

This course is for any age group, from 15 until 80. The wisdom shared here is applicable for everyone at any stage in their life journey. It is never too late, or never too early. 

Ra offers integrative calls for participants after the course to assist in bringing this wisdom deeper into their day-to-day lives.